Most companies rely on Google for seeing their domain rank high in results based on relevant keyword searches.  However, because Google is constantly updating their algorithms and patterns of how they base their results in general this only makes it more important for us to implement the best strategies to maximize exposure for your website.  More exposure means more traffic which we all want to mean more conversions to sales for your services or products.  While we will do our very best in keeping up with Google’s standards we can not guarantee any time frames on when you will have the traffic that you desire.  This is why on-going SEO is very important; not only to keep up with your competition but to always make sure that Google knows your website exists.  But nonetheless, we always strive for perfection because if your company is not successful neither are we.

With that said we know that search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing in general can be pretty expensive.  Because of this we have implemented these checks and balances to protect you the buyer and us the provider.

Full Refund

In order to obtain a full refund for your selected services you must request one in writing or on the phone with a LIVE operator within 72 hours of ordering.  We do zero work on your website beyond evaluation and the creation of an Internet Marketing plan and competition analysis for the first 72 hours of your subscription.  So 72 hours is plenty of time for you to change your mind if you need to.

Partial Refund

From the 72 hour period (3 days) to day 14 you will be eligible for a partial refund.  You will receive your refund less any purchases of services or link building we have done on your behalf up until that point.  You will continue to receive those services under this agreement as once they are created, most can not be removed.  You also agree that we will also deduct 15% of your original payment for personnel costs we have incurred servicing your account up to this point.

No Refund

After the initial 14 days of starting your subscription for our SEO services, you are no longer eligible to receive a refund of any kind.  By this time we have dedicated several hours in personnel time, content creation, link building, and other marketing efforts to build your brand.  If you wish us to no longer provide you services we will stop all work on your account at this point.  However, you will not be eligible for a refund.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your services at any time and receive any refund due according to our refund policy above.  Again, after the initial 14 days there are no refunds.

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