• We've been working with Ryan and Eli for several months and for the first time ever our site is showing up as the TOP listing for our top search phrase. We had hired (and fired) two "big name" companies that both failed to provide any measurable results. Eli and Ryan are quick to respond to requests and most importantly know what they are doing. I appreciate getting regular updates on the work they're doing. A huge kudos to them for "saving" us when there was an issue on the site that caused a horrible situation. Thanks to their dedication, our site was up and running with no disruption during business hours. That experience alone assured me of the importance of having a good team. My suggestion?  Stop looking and just hire them. They're dedicated, knowledgeable and have given us results like we've never had before plus they're super nice people to work with.

    Donda Combs, Director of Community Education & Professional Outreach
    Donda Combs, Director of Community Education & Professional Outreach Canopy Cove
  • Eli did a great job building the Live the Life website. We have seen an increase in pageviews, duration of visits, and other key statistics. He did excellent work in making our site SEO friendly so that we rank high for several keywords.  He has been instrumental in providing us with the analytics we need for building winning strategies to keep us ranked high on Google and all the search engines.  He is always accessible and helps out with updates and maintenance.  Being hosted by Blurstorm has also been a pleasant experience.

    Victor D'Aurio, COO
    Victor D'Aurio, COO Live the Life
  • Blurstorm has worked on several web and SEO & SEM projects for my company and they never disappoint.  As an owner of a design firm myself we have to make sure that the partners we work with represent our company with the highest level of respect for our customers needs.  We found this with Eli and his team.  They have handled everything from website designs and redesigns, SEO, and social media marketing.  If you're looking for a great team to effectively take your business to the next level Blurstorm is it!

    Rick Sheehan, CEO
    Rick Sheehan, CEO C4H Design

At Blurstorm we possess the ability to “read” your website, and provide continuous feedback on the four critical elements of an effective and user-friendly site: SEO, Social Media, Mobile Optimization, and Site Usability.

First we review your site’s content and analytics data. The initial overview isn’t dissimilar from what you get with Google Analytics, but it’s presented to you in a more obvious, user-friendly, and engaging way – allowing us to review analytics, and start making meaningful changes.   And that’s where it gets interesting…

We use a 100-point scale that represents a website’s overall effectiveness at any given time.  We then grade that site out of a possible 100 points.  The average score is 50, and the idea is to keep improving your site’s score until it reaches 100 or close to it.

We break down all recommended improvement into manageable units, so you can see us working through each task.  For each task that is raised, Blurstorm gives the user detailed instructions, walk-throughs and explanations of keywords and key objectives.

Once you’re fully optimized, we can generate reports on any aspect of your site’s functionality giving insights into specific “queries” (i.e. how many users are coming to my website from so and so’s Facebook page, on a Tuesday).  Meanwhile, our Competitive Analysis feature monitors competitors’ sites and allows us to suggest competition-specific improvements for your business, while Blurstorm provides each customer with fully detailed statistics and reports.

Blurstorm tells you exactly what needs to be done to your site and when it needs to be done.   Get your site working at optimal speed and functioning exactly the way it should be and let us be your SEO and SEM experts today!


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  • Online Web Mail
  • Powerful Site Stats
  • PHP, CGI, Perl, SSI
  • Anti-Spam & Spam Assassin
  • File Manager / FTP / Anon FTP
  • Custom Error Pages
  • Password Protected Dirs
  • Automated & Manual Backups
  • Billing System & Helpdesk
  • Unbeatable Tech Support


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